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About Us

Get A has made its home in sunny San Diego, California.  Our story began in 2002, when Expedia and developed Get A Trip™ into a leading Las Vegas hotel booking portal.  It was purchased in 2009 as a partnership with Travelocity and Sabre Holdings International, with the vision of taking the company public, as a global company.  Presently it is overseen by the Orbitz Partner's Network, World Choice Travel. Please note: GAT reserve the rights to change carriers and form new partnerships at will.
Roman Terry -- Chief Executive Officer [CEO] 
Rick Thompson -- Chief Technology Officer [CTO]
Sara Johansson -- Chief Financial Officer [CFO]
Andrea Westbrook -- Public Relations Director
Brandon Turner -- Advertising & Marketing Director
Desirée Terry -- Design & Media Consultant/ Artist
More and more people around the world are relying on Get A Trip™ to provide all their travel needs.  At this time we are in the process of acquiring new testimonials for an upcoming marketing campaign. If you traveled with Get A and are willing to share some good vibes about us [it helps all of us], please go to our  testimonials form; takes less than a minute to fill out;   every testimonial submitted qualifies for one entry into our monthly drawing for free travel and travel accessory giveaways.

Note from staff,
We appologize that our website is not yet responsive. We understand the trend has been moving away from destop computers to handhelds, tablets and cell phones. To be current and modern Get A Trip must be user-friendly and eye-candy to all. Our commitment to you is to have this done within a few months without sacrificing quality. Thank you for your patience!

What do we do?

Get A is a premier global one-stop travel resource. Web savvy travelers can research, plan and book all forms of travel worldwide at guaranteed lowest rates.  We strive to deliver the best of the best in life enriching vacations.  Our slogan best sums it up: Leading the way you Travel™

Customer Service

Get A never closes. We are open 24/7, including holidays. Customers can call our customer service at 1-866-270-2849 for assistance. If they prefer they can also email customer service at,
Telephone Contact:  Reference PROMO CODE: #28558
Customer Service:  866-270-2849
Last Minute Deals:  888-656-8204
Cruise Services:       888-518-6907
 Custom Trips: 888-291-1613
Air: Contact Airline direct.
Car: Call Car Rental company direct.

Get A Trip™ Hotel Booking Engine 

Get A Trip™ pulls rates and availability from two primary Global Distribution System (GDS) providers: Sabre and Pegasus. We reserve the rights to select other providers or switch providers as we see fit, to best serve our travelers.  Our powerful proprietary hotel engine provides the widest selection of hotel accommodations throughout the world. This technology connects directly to the central reservations systems of hotels worldwide, resulting in better rate and room descriptions, and in many cases, a greater variety of rates. This arrangement translates into considerable savings, allowing us to offer our popular 110% low rate hotel guarantee. 
In order to bring you the lowest rates possible each and every time, requires us to have ongoing partnerships with, Travelocity LLC, and the Expedia Afiliate Network [EAN] and others, which [depending on the service(s) or product(s)] interfaces through either Get A Trip, Inc. or World Choice Travel [WCT], a member of the ASTA (American Society of Travel Agents) and IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network).  Get A™  & WCT [World Choice Travel] are registered as a seller of travel with the State of Florida - Fla. Seller of Travel Reg. No. ST34200.
Get A is a division of Sabre Holdings International company. Sabre Holdings connects people with the world's greatest travel possibilities by retailing travel products and providing distribution and technology solutions for the travel industry. Headquartered in Southlake, Texas, the company has approximately 8,900 employees in 45 countries. 

What are our legal policies?

Some of you don’t like to read legal documents and while it may not be fun reading, this stuff does matter. Our Terms of Service  cut through the jargon and provide you with clear details about Get A policies. Our Privacy Policy  lays out our policies regarding your information  in a simple and straightforward way.

A one-stop travel resource

Get A Trip is the people's answer to fast, fun efficient travel planning.  No matter where you are, no matter where you are going,  we will be able to provide you with the lowest travel rates available -  powered by the largest hotels, flights, car rentals and cruises inventory in the world. As a reminder:  The more travel services you book together, such as a flight and hotel room, the more you save.  To take advantage of these huge savings, check out our cheap vacation packages.
We travel to have fun and connect with other people. This is why we recommend also booking an activity you'd like to do once you arrive at your destination. This saves you time and the hassle of booking at the last minute, or having to wait in lines.  We use both World Choice Travel and Viator [the world's largest inventory of activities | events | tickets | tours , so the chance of not finding your destination's tour or activity is remote.  In fact, if you can't find you activity with us, it probably doesn't exist!
Traveling internationally?  Check out our super fast low cost passport & visa service.  Traveling is made easier when you are prepared, so by all means use our free travel packing check lists .   Should you need some last minute items for your trip, you can purchase great deals on some fabulous hand picked travel luggage & traveling accessories directly on our website. 

Our best hotel rate guarantee

We realize price is not everything, though a great start.  Nobody wants to pay inflated rates [such as during the holidays] if they can help it.  This is why we offer our hotels 110% Best Rate Guarantee. thus ensuring you the most value for your money possible.  Get A Trip has clients in every economic class, including extremely wealthy jet-setters, yet we pride ourselves most on being the people's travel website.  We believe that if someone wants to travel and broaden their horizons of the world or simply connect with friends and family members,  they should be afforded that opportunity at the lowest possible rates. 

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High concept adventures

Besides our mainstream travel products and services, we also create exciting adrenaline adventures and expeditions not readily found.  Be warned, these activities are not for the faint of heart.  In fact, you may have to be a little crazy just to consider them, but that is why we love 'em so much.  So if bungee jumping, skydiving or swimming with Great White sharks is your idea of fun, check out some of our thrill seeking adventures . 

What the future holds

Our primary goal today is to expand upon our Trip Ideas and Specialty Travel. If you could pinpoint the number one advantage to using Get A™ it would be in this research tool.  Our Trip ideas and Specialty Travel not only list great ideas but they also narrow down the search for the best rated and best valued properties, saving you countless hours of research. This is the single best way to get the most value for your money.  While this can't guarantee you the perfect trip it sure helps to beat the odds, so you can have a smooth, easy and fun vacation.
High-end super luxury trips, whereas nothing is left to chance and every last small detail worked out.  From booking air, room, chauffeur service, all the way down to the finest bottle of wine and flowers on the dining table with private servers, we can make anything happen.  For those who can afford it and have the need to impress we will begin offering these unrivaled trips within the next year. 
In the next year we hope to offer point-to-point global train travel  Currently in development, this add-on feature will put us in the forefront of all travel companies claiming to be one-stop travel stores.  Stay tuned...

Our gratitude to you

Thank you for using Get A  For every travel dollar you spend with us, we will donate 20% of the profits to some of the most needed charities and causes on the planet.  Travel is about seeing the world, meeting new people, experiencing other cultures and by contributing to the Get A Trip Foundation, it is also about being part of something larger than ourselves. Giving back in this way [by booking hotel rooms, flights, car rentals and cruises] allows us all to be part of the solution for a healthier, more peaceful beautiful world.  Thank you for being part of the Get A Trip family of the many travelers we serve.