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Best Mountain Vacation Packages

The exhilarating fresh smell of crisp clean mountain air against majestic blue skies and already you know you have arrived. Our best mountain vacation packages were chosen for their overall appeal and give you the most value for your money. The best mountain hotels all have a wide variety of recreation and are located in some of the most beautiful mountain ranges in the world. Get your mountain trip today!
* Rooms and prices subject to availability at the time of booking

The Cheyenne Mountain Resort Colorado Springs, Colorado is one of the best mountain resorts a family could hope to find. We feature this here as the rate is so low you could take three mountain trip vacations for the price of one!  The ammenities are superb, the service fantastic and the hardest part of your trip is going to be deciding what to do next.  There is something fun and adventurous for every member of the family, so book your trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Resort today.  We'll see you by the campfire!

$ 92.00
avg / night

From the best mountain vacation packages,from cheap mountain hotels to luxury mountain resorts its the mountain recreation that drives us to these awesome national parks and great mountain destinations. Whether you are planning a mountain spa resort for an amazing girlfriend’s getaway or have planned a family reunion in the mountains Get A has done the hard work for you.  We have sorted out some of the best mountain hotels for you guys and gals to have the time of your lives.Let us know what you think of our choices here!  Have a great mountain resort to recommend?  Let us know!
Seeing nature so up close and personal has no substitute. It is not something we can experience by watching it on the television or seeing it in the movies. We can read about it and imagine it for a fleeting moment but nothing takes the place of booking a mountain vacation and bringing friends and family together for a time of rejuvenation and splendor. Do not put this empowering time in your life on hold and make that decision that you and your loved ones will go on a rocking mountain trip this year….they will love you for it, guaranteed!
Sitting around with the family and friends near a crackling campfire, roasting marshmallows and sipping hot cocoa while sharing the day's events are what mountain vacations are all about. Or partaking of a bottle of wine with a romantic partner or friends sets the mood for laughter and good times. These times will make you cherish their friendships all the more. And as the campfire simmers down one can see the Milky Way in all its glory absent of any light pollution. We at Get A Trip highly recommend a mountain trip if you want fun adventure and a feeling of empowerment that only nature and the wonderment of these mountain ranges provide.
As always if there is anything we at Get A can do to make your trip to the mountains more special, please let us know!

Plan your day’s events by selecting your favorite recreation. Check out one of our fabulous white water rafting adventures, rock climbing, horseback riding and water skiing. We suggest planning your mountain vacation by way of the recreation you are most fond of. In other words, if river kayaking is your thing than stay in a mountain hotel nearest the river entrance. If you have younger family members that want to go horseback riding make sure your mountain hotel has stables nearby. See some of our links above to help plan the best mountain trip ever!